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Eh? How come there were only 110 points? Hong Dali was perplexed, but he soon understoodMain Mission Two required him to squander ten million. That meant that he would get one hundred attribute points. If the task complete bonus was added to that, it would be a total of one hundred and ten points. In the end, he squandered a total of 34.65 million. The extra would not be counted


Rubbish. Why would I let you appraise them if I am not putting them up for auction? Li Nianwei was perfect in mimicking a tough woman. The rough voice contrasted with her beautiful looks. Quit talking rubbish. Go inform whoever to include these pieces of equipment in the auction. We dont have much time. You waste one minute of our time and youre wasting tens of thousands of Galaxy Dollars!


Actually, gold-level Double Aristocrats wouldn’t be allocated Third Order Planet-level warriors as guards. However, Hong Dali was different—Yin Tianzong was naturally extra concerned about him.


What was interesting was that this huge hall was separated into a few sections. There was a large and spacious VIP section for the Galaxy Aristocrats, and every seat was at least two meters apart. There were already more than ten Galaxy Aristocrats seated. When Li Tianxing stepped in, the entire hall became quiet instantly. After a while, everyone started whispering to each other


Li Nianweis parents were a pair of very simple commoners. They did not come from affluent backgrounds. Their financial status was greatly improved thanks to Li Nianwei. But they were just as kind and meticulous. On this day, any person among the crowd was influential and known. Hence, they were very reserved and did not dare to talk loudly. But their care toward Li Nianwei was not less compared to the other parents.


An old man who looked about 60 plus years old with a skinny figure, had snow-white long hair that covered his ears, and his eyebrows were as much as an inch long. He wore a large flowery shirt and a pair of round sunglasses. Below, he wore large trousers with a pair of slippers on his feet. With his hands clasped behind his back, he looked up at the large screen on the Tower of Trials, smiled and said, “Yoyoyo, he actually completed all of the levels. Looks like things will become interesting this time. This person can be considered to be a once in a thousand years genius, right? Even the Demon Killing Sword, Duan Xuan, was slightly weaker than him, right? Impressive, really impressive!”

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Just the area was a few hundred square meters. The hall was as big as the Great Hall of the People on Earth, with an extremely large ring of seats. The seats in front were lower and the seats behind were higher. This was so everyone could see the items easily.


Goodness, this Aristocrat Dali was really a prodigal. These two items were so valuable and he sold them for one thousand?


Haha, its good that you understand, its good that you understand! Jiang Dongliu laughed heartily. Our Qianxue is the cleverest! Go, face your true self, do not let other feelings blind you. That is the only way you can move faster and go further!


Everyone looked at each other. To be honest, the vibe that Jiang Qianxue gave off was not bad.


Mr. Scott, the clerk said respectfully, you have become an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, please decide on the name on the cloak.


Huaqing was certain that even if Hong Dali was a string-puller, he would not dare take things lightly. He must have some plans.


It was hard to say who would win or lose, so it was better to report a lower level. At least if he lost, it would not be so disgraceful.



Did I get so rich?Hong Dali touched his nose and looked at Zhang Yi. Go look for Running Dog and tell him how much you want. You dont have to let me know if its anything less than one billion. Its too troublesome



After all, many of these shops were running small businesses with low gains. If they managed to earn a few hundred Galaxy Dollars a day, their business would already be considered prosperous. If they managed to get such a beautiful weapon, it would be enough to cover their earnings for a couple of days!


Immediately, an option to combine gems appeared on the Systems menu. When he chose it, something that looked like an altar appeared in the air in front of Hong Dali. There were a total of three grooves in it. Under two of them were the small words: Original attribute gems. On top of the third were the words: Combined attribute gem.


Wahaha, although it was a skill that wasted a lot of money, the attributes were really good!

  • Chuyin! Hahaha! Long time no see! Hong Dali quickly went up to welcome Lin Chuyin. He held Lin Chuyins hands and looked at her carefully as he asked, Have you been training?
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